If you are searching for any magic tricks to lose weight then it’s not there. But if you are ready to follow my instructions and tips then it will be like a magic trick when you lose your weight.

I recommend you to try it everyday life because I am well confident that these weight loss tricks will change your body figure and make you more beautiful than ever you were.

Stay away from Dehydration, (Drink plenty of water)

Do not get in the dehydration situation. So keep drinking plenty of water at every small interval of time. Water inside the body makes the fiber to do its work easily. But if you don’t drink enough water every day can aggravate the body sodium and potassium levels which is not good.

health & fitnessAccording to the health science, the human body should intake 10 liters of water every day. But keep in mind drinking water randomly is also not good for your body. There are certain rules and system for taking water. For an instance, don’t drink large quantities of water at a time, this will make your stomach pain or starts with stomach problems. So take a small bottle of pure drinking water with yourself and drink in small sips. And most importantly, if you are not making 10 liters of water a day, make sure you drink 5-6 liters of water a day.

Eliminate sugar from your diet

Sugar is your great enemy. You should keep sugar away from your diet. Not only the sugar but also all form of sugar and fructose, whether it is refined or all natural should be eliminated from your diet. For an instance, agave, honey, grains etc. They quickly break into sugar inside your body.

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Sugar is the one which makes you fatter not the fat products. Good fats basically include salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods are filled with full nutrients that help you keep satiated throughout the day.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast

The obesity rates are 35% – 50% lower in people who eat breakfast regularly, compared with peoples who don’t. This is the research result which was conducted in Harvard and Boston’s children’s Hospital. It is believed by the nutritionists that A.M. meals help in regulation of insulin levels and hunger more. Hence you will be landing with less overeat throughout the remainder of the day.

best healthy snacksTherefore, take healthy breakfast with proper diet. This can help you not having hunger and overeat throughout the day.

Get Good sleep

Sleeping is very much important for the body to rest and work properly. I don’t like sleeping when I get my new kinds of stuff to do. I am an enthusiastic girl in learning new kinds of stuff and researching new things. Hence I didn’t think sleeping is also a part of healthy living before meeting doctors and publishing my research papers.

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In one of my research work, I researched and found that the people who get 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night gain less visceral fat. But the people who get 5 or less hour sleep per night or 8 or more hours per night gain more visceral fat. However, sleeping is not only the thing that mattered but it is one part of the picture.

And remember less and unrefreshing sleep can lead you to many viral diseases such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure etc.

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Control your salt in foods

Taking too much of salt in food result to edema and bloating. Therefore I recommend you to stick to roughly 1500 mg of salt a day. It is only needed for balancing the fluids within the body and keep muscles and nerves working efficiently. However, taking more salt result you to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and many more health issues.

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Therefore keep the salt away from your dinner table so that you won’t get a glance of adding salt to your food.

Eat slowly and perfectly

Mark S. Gold, M.D. of the McKnight Brain Institute at the University of Florida says, “It can take 12 minutes or more for the signal to reach to the brain that you have started eating.”

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When you eat slowly, you will get enough feeling and that will be even after small meals. This is how you can reduce the amount of food you eat.

I would suggest taking some water in between the bite of food you eat. Even you can take meals with friends and family members in which you will be likely to talk and eat slow.

Short bursts of Exercise

Professor Martin of McMaster University, Canada says, “Doing 10 minutes exercise on the bike, and then taking one minute as rest with 3 times a week will improve muscles than doing exercise for a long time.”

Stretching exercisesThere are two groups of overweight and inactive:

  • First one is 4 bursts of intense exercise for 4 minutes which is separated by 3 minutes of lower intensity exercise, 3 times a week
  • The second one is 1 burst of intense exercise for 4 minutes, 3 times a week

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