Doing indoor exercises are sometimes very boring. But if you are choosing cycling bike for exercise, it’s really boring. But this Indoor cycling bike makes exercise more fun name “Goji Play Cycling.

Goji Play is going to make your exercise more fun and enjoyable. Have you ever played a game like Temple Run or Subway surfers and wondered how amazing it would be run like that in real life? How cool would it be to continue exercises partnering with obstacle courses and get rewards at the end? Now with Goji Play, it is possible.

Goji Play provides fun games that are linked to your cardio exercise machines like cycling bikes or others and provide a virtual reality experience while you are working out.

Let me clarify with an example, if you are cycling at the gym, all you need to do is make a connection between Goji play devices on both sides of the hand on the cycle. Then you have to download the Goji play app into your device and choose the game that you want to play. The whole control is integrated with your motion and cycling style. You have to move according to the obstacles on the screen while you are cycling.

According to the obstacles you have the control you move and cycling speed. This will make you feel like you are cycling in the game while you are not. I have the one Goji Play connected cycle which makes me do exercise even on irregular time.

health & fitnessIt will make you feel so comfortable that even you have capabilities of cycling for 2 hours, you will continue for 3-4 hours without getting tired. This is why this fitness gadget is rated at high ratings. However, there is more other best fitness tracker gadget but this is one of the best among others, I guess.

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In general, you will become the real character on the screen of the game while your exercise machine will be your full control. It is like playing a real-life Temple run or subway surfers along with exercises and burning calories on the go.

This also provides a great solution to many problems during exercises. For an instance, worrying about earphone wires getting tangled, holding phones to play while exercising or keeping it on the treadmill and risk it falling etc. It’s like using the Xbox Kinect or the PlayStation move except that you are connecting the Goji Play.

When we get some impressive features associated with other things like enjoyment and fun associated with fitness exercises, we always like to share it with our friends. In the same, you might be thinking about sharing this game with your gym mates or nearby friends. Well, this is also possible with Goji Play.

health & fitnessIt provides you the connectivity option with your friends using the Goji verse fitness platform and helps in tracking of everyone’s achievements. This will provide you the full comparison between your friend’s achievements and yours. And you can improve yourself seeing that comparison.

Not only this, the games include different levels. Hence while you play the game, you will earn more GoCoins, therefore the more you exercise, the more you earn. These GoCoins are used to unlock more levels on your games.

Now think yourself which is a better way of losing calories, exercising with boring hours or with a gameplay option. Which is the best choice? sitting in front of your couch, listening song and playing games on your smartphone along with munching snacks in between or actually choosing the healthier alternative and burn calories instead of pilling them on?

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