Stomach Cancer Stage Symptoms and Causes with Stomach Cancer Prevention

Stomach cancer is not a simple disease. You can not cure with simple medication and with normal healthcare facilities. It requires special attention to make it cure of its root Here are some of the Stomach cancer stage symptoms and cause along with its preventive measures.

Stomach cancer is actually an infection in the inner lining of the stomach. It will grow into a tumor if you won’t cure this in time. In popular words, stomach cancer is also called with a name ‘gastric cancer’. It grows slowly into bigger by the time. So it is very important to take care of time and make your stomach healthy.

If you are well known about the stomach cancer stage symptoms then you can directly go for the health checkup for confirmation. If you are unknown about the symptoms then you can contact your personal doctor for more information. However, I am going to provide some of the symptoms, its causes along with some prevention methods here.

Stomach Cancer Stage Symptoms and Causes

According to the health science, the cause of stomach cancer is still unknown. But many scientists are doing their research on this topic and trying to find the actual causes. From the research, some of the things they have come to know about the stomach cancer that It is dangerous diseases which raises the risk of other diseases.

Some of the research also showed that it is a kind of infection with a unique bacteria which is called H.pylori. It causes ulcers inside the patient. There are many factors which affect risk your health. Some of them are:

  • Smoking
  • Overweight or obese
  • A high diet which includes pickles, salty foods etc.
  • Type A blood
  • Stomach surgery
  • Ulcer
  • Influenced nearby coal, metal, timber or rubber industries

Stomach Cancer Stage Symptoms

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There are different stages of cancer which have its own symptoms. But coming to the early stage there are some symptoms by which you can know about the stomach cancer. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Indigestion food
  • Burning in your heart
  • Nausea feelings and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloody stools
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Pain in your stomach
  • Rapid Weight loss
  • yellowish eyes and body skin
  • weakness
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If you are having these symptoms regularly then I would recommend you consult with your doctor and have a proper checkup before its too late. And in case if you have some time, you don’t have to worry, however its good idea to accept the prevention rather than cure later.

Different Diagnosis Process

If you are having these stomach cancer symptoms frequently then you should contact your doctor for diagnosis process. According to the health science, you should diagnosis the complete process to make yourself clear from any delusion. Because at this stage if you miss any stage of diagnosis you will end up with the incomplete report.

The diagnosis process mainly includes these:

  • Blood test

A blood test is an important part of the diagnosis. This provides you the symptoms of cancer status inside your body. According to the health science, the blood test provides the 98% of signs of different diseases inside your body.

  • Endoscopy

This is a hard part diagnosis. It is the process of looking inside your body through a thin and flexible tube fitted with a camera inserted through your mouth. In this process, your doctor looks into your stomach for any sign of ulcer or cancer inside your stomach.

  • GI series Test

This is quite similar to the Endoscopy. But in this diagnosis, you have to dring chalky liquid along with a barium. This liquid is used to make a clear view of your stomach during X-rays. This liquid gets coated to your stomach wall and help in giving a clear view of your stomach in X-rays.

  • CT Scan

It is extended version of X-rays which provides a clear view with 98% details of the picture of your body. It provides an extended pictorial view of your body parts.

  • Biopsy

In this process, the doctors take a small piece of tissue from your stomach and they look into a microscope for any sign of Cancer or any other diseases. This process is also done through endoscopy. They take a small piece of tissues from the stomach during the process.

Different treatments for stomach cancer

There are many treatments for stomach cancer. That treatment depends on the age of your cancer and all the decision are made by your doctor. These treatments are dependent on the age of cancer and the also how much it has been spread into your body. This is called the stage of cancer. Some of the treatments are as follows:

  • Chemotherapy

It is a process of using drugs to fight your cancer bacterias. They help in killing the bacteria of cancer and prevent from growing more. They are also available in pills and IVs, you can use these pills and IVs. It is long time taking a process which usually takes more time depending on the cancer stage. However, these pills and IVs cause many side effects like weakness, hair fall, skin disorder etc. But your doctor will help you in overcoming this side effects. He will help in making you feel better during the treatment.

  • Radiation

It is the process of killing the cancer cells and shrink the tumor using high energy or particles like radiation. These radiations kill the cancer cells and stops from growing. The doctors may use X-rays or another machine which emits beam radiation to the place where you have cancer or tumor.

  • Surgery

This is the last step that usually doctor takes if the cancer is not capable of getting cure by normal schemes like chemotherapy, radiation etc. The doctor does an operation to the patient in which they remove the cancer part or tissue nearby the cancer cells. It is the direct method of curing cancer and tumor parts. This process gives you rid of your cancer and tumor problem. But this is only for the minor stage. If your cancer is in advanced stage then your doctor may need to remove the maximum part of the stomach.

In some case, like the tumor or cancer which keep food moving in and out of the stomach, doctor taks and intellignent method to prevent this affect. In this case,  put a stent which is a device keeps the food pathway open. This device is put during the surgery only.

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Prevention of stomach cancer

  • Stop Infection in time

If you have infection in your stomach such as ulcer from H. pylori, get the treatment in time before it reach to advnaced stage. YOu can use antibiotics and pills to kill those infection bactarias, and heal the sores whcih are residing to your stomach and cut the risk of cancers.

  • Eat Healthy food

Healthy eating always makes the man healthy. Eat more fresh fruits and good combination of foods which provide you good amount of calori and keep your body fit and healthy. There are high fiber and high vitamin fruits which keep your cancer risk at low level. If you are using pickles, salty and cured or smoked food, then you should ristrict the amount. They are highly rich in leveling your cancer risk high. Some of these foods are hot dogs, processed lunch meats or smoked cheeses etc.

  • Stop Smoking

You should stop smoking and using tobacco, if you are using it. They are high rich in cancer risk. They doubles the risk of getting cancer. This is the also on e of the major preventive measure to stop Stomach Cancer Stage Symptoms and Causes


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